Andy Says:

"Discovering and building a Hidden Treasure' would be the few words in describing my 4 years training experience to date with SiFu Allan Lee. Training in Wing Chun Kung Fu has personally helped me to properly focus in my daily life as well as in learning how to mentally digest an invaluable martial art. Over the past 20+ years, I have trained with at least 10 different martial arts instructors in 5 different martial arts prior to learning Wing Chun. These highly regarded instructors of the 5 arts do not compare to the knowledge, expertise, dedication, and the coaching skills as SiFu Allan Lee.

In addition, SiFu Allan Lee has cultivated the very strong, tight family-like atmosphere of the school as evidenced by age range group (ranging from 12 to over 50) and the various cultural backgrounds within the school. This school is one of the very few non-commercialized schools existing in the globe today. For example, while many martial arts schools nowadays will focus on sparring training right away (what I would call the 'run phase' of the art- usually within 2-3 months of joining the school), the strong emphasis on training of basic foundations (what I would call the 'crawl phase') of the art is one of the unique and critical elements of this school's achieving success in one's training progression.

This school is NOT for everybody as the overall high attrition rate of approximately 90% exists due to the rigorous training sessions and due to the lack of passion, dedication, & patience in wanting to learn our School's Art of Wing Chun. However, I would strongly recommend to anyone with a good hearted character who does have the potential passion, dedication, patience in wanting to learn this art of Wing Chun in the old fashioned way as SiGung Yip Man taught it in a private discipleship environment to SiFu Allan Lee."

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