Mike Says:

Don't believe me just because of my reputation or who I learned from.  Don't even believe what you see me do. Maybe I'm the only one who can do it. Instead, listen to what I say and then go experiment with it to prove for yourself that it is true. Then you no longer have to believe it because you will know it for a fact."

This is the teaching approach of SiFu Lee, a man whose depth of understanding and level of commitment and sacrifice for the art of Wing Chun both humbles and inspires me.

The training at our school is exceptionally hard. It requires a lot from you; physically, mentally, and emotionally. I don't think anyone can imagine how much effort, commitment, and sacrifice it takes to become proficient as a Wing Chun fighter.  So whatever you think, it's probably much more. This is part of the beauty of kung fu (which roughly translates to "work hard"). There are no short cuts. You can't fake or coast your way through it. It cannot be given to you, no matter how much you pay or how many classes you attend. You are not entitled to it.

Honestly, to progress to an advanced level you have to want to learn to fight. This may seem obvious, but people look into learning martial arts for many reasons: getting in shape, inspired by a movie, fulfilling a childhood dream, looking for an active hobby, seeking more confidence, discipline or enlightenment, etc. The simple truth is that there are ways to satisfy all of these things that will cost you much less time, money, and sacrifice. These days most people enjoy the freedom of being able to dabble in a little bit of everything, but to become proficient at using Wing Chun to fight you'll have to set aside some of your other ambitions (and, at times, even some relationships) to make Wing Chun a major priority. 

As challenging as earning Wing Chun at our school may be, it is even more rewarding. First and foremost, you gain a family of selfless, supportive kung fu brothers and sisters and a SiFu who leads by example. And so much more.  But, do not believe me..." 

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