Angel Says:

"As a 16 year old teenage girl, I didn’t expect to encounter such a warm Kung Fu community. Despite being an outsider, from the first day everyone I’ve met is friendly, welcoming and caring. Sifu provides valuable details to everything I can learn at the Kwoon. When I was first taught the basics of the basics, the things I learned had much more than what was on the surface. From the quintessential horse stance to the most basic applicable punch, there was a whole world of knowledge for each thing itself.

Sifu’s emphasis vastly on details makes what I do a living thing. Just like how Wing Chun isn’t made up of solely just by its name, I’m made up of what I love, the food that I eat, and what I do on a daily basis. The small things in life makes me a whole. Similarly, Sifu’s school showed me that every little thing I do has integrity. These little things will gradually build up to a complete picture. Most of all, in order to acquire the complete picture, I’m free to train as I like with what I need to improve on. Everyone at the school is encouraged to work harder and break past their limitations. We grew and developed by always trying to do better than we did. My favorite part was after hours of consistent workouts, we often head out to restaurants. On a personal note, during a quandary where I had to quit training (against my will) because school was my priority, Sifu and my sihings were there to support my decision and encourage me.

Although we came from all sorts of places, I feel the unity as a family. After being away for a while, returning to the kwoon gave me a relieving feeling, “it’s nice to be back home.”

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