Current Schedules

You can register now for new beginner classes at our Flushing or Huntington locations. SiFu Lee is seeking hardworking, diligent students (ages 15 and up). Call 347-587-8030 for more info.

Combined Class at Flushing
11:00am - 1:30pm


Monthly Class Curriculum Calendar

Each class focuses on a main theme which is critical to progessing in Wing Chun. Here is this month's schedule (at our Flushing Kwoon):

Tuesdays: Techniques

In techniques training, we will apply combinations of movements from the Sil Nim Tao and the other empty hand forms in realistic settings.   There will be a focus on the major elements of fighting such as balance, distance, timing, coordination, and footwork.



Wednesdays: Conditioning

In the old days, martial artists were well versed in training regimens designed to build power, stamina, speed and flexibility in addition to their respective arts.  Our training will focus on building these essentials on Wednesdays.


Thursdays: Horse

On this day, we will train the most important foundation of Wing Chun.  Explanations of how to maintain a proper Yee Jee Kim Young Ma (二字拑羊馬) will be followed by various training drills such as walking the horse, zig-zag horse, and pushing the horse.


Saturdays: Chi Sao

Also referred to as a means to “dismantle the form”, Chi Sao plays a key role in understanding the movements of the Sil Nim Tao.   On this day, we will focus on how to use the physics of the wedge, screw, ramp, and lever to overcome a bigger power with a smaller power in various hand-bridges.



 We are currently accepting new students. All prospective students must observe at least one full class before registering to join. Contact us to arrange for an appointment to visit during one of our classes.

Private lessons and intensive workshop sessions with SiFu Lee are available at the Flushing location only. Please call (347) 587-8030 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.


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