Kwan Sao Bong Gerk Explanation

Since we posted a video about Kwan Sao Bong Gerk on our website, there have been a lot of questions about it. So, I would like to give you some of my ideas on it. In the picture, Marcus is trying to initiate an attack on Jones with a front snap kick and punch.

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 Jones feels that he is not sure whether he is being attacked by a front snap or punch. That is why he turned his right side and stepped back. But he used his left hand Gum sau to cover the center line of the left side of his body and his right hand is guarding his upper center.

Kwan Sau explained 1

The stepping back allowed Jones to gain some distance to get away from the attack. At that time Marcus can attack with the follow-up techniques that he planned to execute ahead of time such as a roundhouse kick or some type of left punch.

As you might understand in Wing Chun we don’t block. We do defense and offense simultaneously. Look at the picture to determine how many possibilities Marcus can attack Jones after Jones steps back.

At that particular moment, Jones feels this entire front area is exposed under attack. That is why by the time his right leg lands, he uses the landing power to bounce off from the ground to doing a bong gerk. You might notice his knee is covering all the way to the center of his body. In addition, with his right arm, starts a bong sau that covers the lower body all the way to the face level. Meanwhile his left Gum sau comes up to a tan sau. Coordination with the knee, the bong sau and tan sau covers all the way to the top of his body.
Kwan Sau explained 2

If Marcus comes to attack him, he will walk into a kick. However as this is practice, Jones is holding his kick. If Marcus attempts a roundhouse kick, Jones would break his center and kick him in the guts. This is called offense and defense simultaneously.

Yes. What Jones is doing is not a complete technique yet. It looks that he is standing on one foot and pushing off the whole body weight forward. It looks like he is off balance and falling to the front.

I want you to do a test with your partner. Stand firm on your left leg and make sure you keep your balance with your right foot in the air. Ask your partner to push your right foot towards you. Try to keep your balance.

Now try this same exercise again but this time, at the moment your partner pushes you, straighten your left leg and lean your whole body weight forward into where your partner is pushing. Keep in mind, you are pushing from the heel of your supporting leg as you lean forward. Which one has more supporting power and allows you to hold your ground?

At that particular split second of a movement, with your momentum moving forward and body weight behind it, imagine some one walking into you. What would they walk into? This is exactly the physics principles behind a door stop/jam (triangular wedge). No matter how hard the door slams, the wedge will always jam it. This is an example of using the opponent’s power against him. Jones is pushing off his entire body weight from the ground by his left foot. He gains the power from the ground. There is momentum there.

I remind you to keep an open mind and research practicality. Don’t limit yourself with what you’ve learned before.  If you have any more questions, please visit our school. However I ask that you first call us to schedule an appointment. We are always open minded to accept other peoples’ ideas.

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