Gan Sau, Lap Da, Pak Sau, Lower Palm Explanation


In this article, Some basic Wing Chun hand techniques are shown and described.

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Gan Sau, Lap Da, Pak Sau, Lower Palm Explanation


Here is a scenario in which two people are ready with a small distance between them and one charges in to execute two consecutive punches. Simeon initiates a punch at Jones. With the small distance between them, Jones is unsure of Simeon’s intention so he steps back enough to make space and executes a Gan sau to cover the area left to right from his forehead to his waist.

Lower Palm explanation 1

As you may notice in the last picture above, Jones has pivoted his body to the side and feels that the upper part of his body is opened. He uses his right hand to intercept and lap Simeon’s second punch while he pivots his body and punches Simeon with his left fist.
Lower Palm explanation 2

Continuing with simultaneous defense and offense, Jones uses his left hand pak sau to cover from his forehead to his shoulder level while he executes a lower palm strike to Simeon’s groin. All of this is done while advances with his horse.
Lower Palm explanation 3

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