A Brief Discussion of the Training Methods and Procedures of Wing Chun Kung Fu

It is now almost 60 years since SiFu Yip Man ???? established and initiated the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu in Hong Kong ??, and we should appreciate and honor his lifetime of research and perseverance to maintain and preserve this secret Art of fighting.  He arduously managed his unknown schools in a tumultuous period on this small island and fortune will not let down a man who does his best to hand down his comprehensive knowledge to his disciples.  Under the cultivation of SiFu Yip Man, many outstanding students gained fame through diligent training and successful application of Wing Chun in numerous contests.  As a result, the Wing Chun style became famous in Hong Kong.  His descendants have since taught this art on all continents including Bruce Lee ??? who single-handedly influenced and changed the way martial arts films were made.  Bruce Lee’s fighting movies

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