My SiFus - p III by Allan Lee Che Kong

Farewell to SiFu Yip Man (惜別恩師)

Some events in your life you will never forget, nostalgic details that reveal themselves to you over time. I was at a cross road in my life deciding whether to move to the United States. I foolishly decided to move to America and before leaving, SiFu Yip Man wanted to show me something, and to have a talk with me. When I arrived at SiFu’s home, he showed me a pair of Baht Jahm Doh 八斬刀 that he had made. He explained to me the training necessary to fight with them and the importance of the details of the design of the double knives. One of his students owned a Chinese Weaponry shop and SiFu said that when I returned from my trip, he would forge a set of the double knives for me made specifically to my body measurements.

After we spoke for a long time, he gave me his copy of Bruce Lee’s 李小龍 first book. SiFu explained to me with great pride that Bruce Lee had dedicated that first edition copy to him. He was so proud of having had such a diligent student such as Bruce Lee and then SiFu gave the book to me. In retrospect, I felt he gave it to me to inspire me to continue my training. After he gave me the book, he asked, “Kong Jai, how long do you plan to stay overseas for your vacation? Somebody told me that you will be going to the United States for good. I hope not, because we don’t have too much time to see each other. My cancer is closing in on me and I worried I won’t have too many days left to live.” To hear him say such sad and heart felt words made my heart ache. I didn’t know what to tell SiFu, because in fact, I had planned to stay in the United States permanently if I could get legal residence status. However, I told him I would be back soon. SiFu then told me due to his age and illness, he could not teach me as well as he wanted and instead he would introduce me to his 5 private disciples. These private disciples had learned almost every thing from SiFu, and they would help to continue my training. Only years later, with the maturity and wisdom that comes only from life experiences, did I understand that SiFu didn’t really want me to leave at that time.

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Selecting a Martial Arts School

In Chinese tradition, outstanding young aspirants would either dedicate themselves to becoming a literati or a martial artist, or even both. They would spend years equipping themselves in all kind of knowledge in order to serve the Emperor and or dedicate their outstanding skill to their country. There was no greater ambition for a man than to become famous and renowned throughout history and bring honor their family.  In those times, many Martial Art schools existed, however, to learn something totally outstanding; you had to search for a highly qualified SiFu, a person of vast knowledge. These SiFus were very secretive and hid themselves away in mountains, monasteries, swamps, forests, or small rural communities. Aspiring students would quest to find these SiFus in order to be accepted as the only disciple, so they can inherit all the knowledge from this outstanding SiFu. Consequently, selecting a style, school, or SiFu required the strictest and most serious evaluation. There was no room for mistake when making a lifetime commitment.

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My SiFus: Part II

My kung fu brother’s council

A few days later, while meeting up with my Kung Fu brother Poon Tung, I mentioned my encounter with our Grandmaster. After I told him everything, he grimaced and slapped me on the side of my head and exclaimed, “Idiot! There are so many people lining up, offering large sums of money, begging to be taught by him… He comes and offers to teach you, and you tell him that you’ll think about it!?!?”

I felt like a complete fool. Poon Tung took me to see my father right away and told him about my encounter with the Grandmaster. My father, excited and eager for me to take this opportunity offered to support me so that I can continue my Wing Chun training with the Grandmaster.

My Sifu Lok Yiu is a man of dignity, of strict, severe and demanding work ethics. He diligently built his students’ foundation and basic understanding. His Sifu, Yip Man recognized all of this. Sifu Yip Man mentioned to me with pride that, “Sifu Lok Yiu’s insight of Wing Chun theory and sticky hands surpasses even my own. Lok Yiu is totally outstanding.”

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My SiFus: Part I

In Chinese tradition, all parents have high expectations for their children buried deep in their hearts.  Their desire is for the next generation to be highly successful as literati and/or martial artists. They also hope that their children’s success will lead them to devote themselves to their government or country. My father had this idea also. With this idea in his mind, he tried very hard to involve me in literature, arts, calligraphy or martial arts to gain experience and knowledge.

I was born in Canton China in 1948. When I was four years old, my father started teaching me Chinese calligraphy and Chinese painting. I had to write five pages of calligraphy everyday otherwise, I was not allowed meals. In addition, he tried to find a famous martial artist to be my SiFu, hoping that someday I would be somebody of worth.

Unfortunately, I grew up during the period of the Chinese Cultural Revolution which was a time of great chaos. Like other forms of art, literature and expression, Learning and teaching kung fu was banned by the Chinese government..  The only option available to my father was to enroll me in the government sponsored Wushu organization.  I woke up at 4 in the morning to participate in programs such as Char Kuen, Hop Gar, Tai Chi, etc. This was my first experience in Martial Arts.

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A Brief Discussion of the Training Methods and Procedures of Wing Chun Kung Fu

It is now almost 60 years since SiFu Yip Man ???? established and initiated the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu in Hong Kong ??, and we should appreciate and honor his lifetime of research and perseverance to maintain and preserve this secret Art of fighting.  He arduously managed his unknown schools in a tumultuous period on this small island and fortune will not let down a man who does his best to hand down his comprehensive knowledge to his disciples.  Under the cultivation of SiFu Yip Man, many outstanding students gained fame through diligent training and successful application of Wing Chun in numerous contests.  As a result, the Wing Chun style became famous in Hong Kong.  His descendants have since taught this art on all continents including Bruce Lee ??? who single-handedly influenced and changed the way martial arts films were made.  Bruce Lee’s fighting movies

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Kwan Sao Bong Gerk Explanation

Since we posted a video about Kwan Sao Bong Gerk on our website, there have been a lot of questions about it. So, I would like to give you some of my ideas on it. In the picture, Marcus is trying to initiate an attack on Jones with a front snap kick and punch.

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Gan Sau, Lap Da, Pak Sau, Lower Palm Explanation


In this article, Some basic Wing Chun hand techniques are shown and described.

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